The W4Resistance FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions submitted by E-mail. E-mail from visitors is always welcome, but you'll get your question answered faster if you check here first, as someone may have already asked it.

General Site Questions

Q: Why is this site so plain? It reminds me of the Internet from the 1990s!
A: Because I can't stand sites that take forever to load, even on a high speed connection. Although few people are still on dialup these days, this site is more friendly to blind people using screen readers.

Q: How come you don't mention withholding the telephone excise tax, originally created to pay for a war? Or other federal taxes for that matter?
A: The focus of this site is the federal income tax, which is the largest federal tax that most people pay. Of course, you may withhold the telephone excise tax in addition to income tax resistance. You can also stop paying federal taxes on alcohol and tobacco by quitting consumption of those items (or making your own beer and wine, which is legal for personal use).

Q: If you refuse to pay federal taxes, won't you be depriving people of needed services, such as schools, police and fire protection, road repairs, social security, etc?
A: Not really. Most of school funding comes from local property taxes, as does police and fire protection. Road repairs come out of gasoline taxes. Social security is a seperate deduction from your paycheck. Fully half of the federal budget is being spent on war and "defense" including the debt incurred from prior wars.

Living on $12,000 a year questions

Q: What state do you live in? It costs me $12,000 a year just to have a half way decent one bedroom apartment in California!
A: Pennsylvania. Under my budget, if you were willing to go without medical insurance (or you were fortunate enough to have an employer that picked up all of the tab), you would have about $500 available for rent. 2015 UPDATE: Now with the so called "Affordable Care Act" there is a tax penalty for going without medical insurance. However, If the lowest cost Bronze level Marketplace plan in your area for 2014 cost more than 8% of your income, you qualify for an exemption. If your taxable income is below the tax filing threshold ($10,150 for a single person under 65 in 2015) you are exempt. You also can get an exemption if you are a member of a religious sect in existance since 1950 that is recognized by the SSA as being opposed to accepting insurance benefits, including Medicare and Social Security.

Q: Why didn't you mention clipping grocery coupons? I save a lot of money that way!
A: Are you sure? At least in my area, the house brands are still less expensive than nationally advertised brands, even with the "cents off"coupon. If you are in a real competitive area where the stores are offering "double coupons" you might come out ahead, but do the math to be sure.

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